Military Books for Service Members

Thirty-one years of working for the Army.  Thirty-one years of doing what the Army told me to do, and letting the Army take care of my health care, take care of my family, give me direction, pay my salary, having my back.

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What now indeed.

I have all these veterans benefits that I have to figure out: health insurance, life insurance, education benefits.  They aren’t black and white, and there seem to be a lot of decisions to make.  Thousands of veterans have done it already, so I thought it would be clear and easy, but it sure doesn’t seem like that.  So, one of the things I want to do in this blog is clarify these benefits and the steps I went through to retire and receive these benefits.

So this web-site is all about me.  It’s about the things that affect my current life. Mostly things that I’d like to write about and inform other Service Members about. Things I wish I’d had more information on when I was in the military. So, basically, military books for Service Members.

What will I write about?

Retirement.  After 31 years in the Army, my retirement was a little scary.  There were a lot of unanswered questions that I ‘googled’ and ‘yahooed’ and asked and searched for and never got complete and accurate answers.  So, for this part of my blog, I’m trying to keep my fellow soldiers informed.  Trying to pass on the information that I wanted when I was getting ready to retire.  Things I could have used, such as my finances during the first 6 months of my retirement, using the VA health system, using education benefits, and a myriad of other things that I don’t even know now to list here. Go to my Retirement Blog if this interests you. Hopefully, I can turn this research into a book someday soon.

TBI. Getting all your medical drama taken care of is one of the essentials of separating from the military. In my case, this was harder than it might have been. I had been having worse and worse headaches over the last 8-10 years of my career, and I wasn’t assessed for a Traumatic Brain Injury until about five months before my retirement date. If you interested in the story of how I was finally assessed, the events that caused my TBI, and how I was eventually treated before I separated, then check out my TBI Blog or buy my book on Amazon Kindle that is about my journey with my TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury, the Military, and You (Written under the name R. S. Russell).

PCS Your Pets Overseas. I have been assigned overseas twice, and both times I had to figure out how to transport my pets to my next duty station. I researched and googled the hell out of it, and I spoke to my military peers, and I discovered that there are a bunch of methods ranging from a couple hundred of dollars to many thousands of dollars. I decided to capture all my research and lessons learned in my PCS Your Pets Overseas Blog and in my Amazon Kindle book – PCS Your Pets Overseas. To receive a free checklist on how to PCS Your Pets Overseas, contact me and write ‘Request PCS Your Pets Overseas Checklist’ in the comments box’.

Writing.  I acquired my MFA in Creative Writing about 6 months before I retired.  Instead of working, my goal was to make up the difference in my salary by writing after I retired.  So the other half of this blog will be how I worked through the ins and outs of writing a novel, starting a platform, and making money and learning about writing.  Hopefully, this will help some other wayward writer or retiree to have realistic goals and aspirations.  I don’t intend to destroy dreams, rather, share my experience so they are better prepared.

Job hunting.  I’ll have to search for another job in the mean time, until the writing money comes in, so I’ll also discuss the ups and downs of that process.

I hope that the information here is helpful, for ultimately I hope to write something useful, and if one person uses this information, then I will have succeeded.

Please contact me if you have any comments on my books or this web-page.

Traumatic Brain Injuries, the Military, and You: Self-assess for a TBI, get treatment on active duty and after you retire, and find the relief you deserve. by [Russell, R. S.]

This 50 page book describes my experience with TBI in the mlitary: how I was diagnosed late in my career and how I eventually got treated in a VA Poly-Trauma Hospital.  I wanted to share this information with other Service Members in the hope they can get the treatment they deserve.  Inside you’ll find the symptoms of mild TBIs, how to self-refer yourself, and how to apply to be treated at one of the VAs Poly-Trauma units while you are on active duty or after retirement. Currently available on Amazon Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited.

This 50 page book is a guide for Service Members with pets who are planning to PCS overseas. Airlines are becoming more restrictive, fees are becoming more expensive, but there are options if you know where to look for them. This book will help you make a plan to get your pets to your new home and hopefully save you some money. Currently available on Amazon Kindle