Military Separation and Retirement

I have experienced a lot of change in the military, some good and some not so good. That being said, having gone through some struggles while on active duty and also suffering through the separation process, I have seen a lot of confusion with regards to processes.

I’ve had a number of hiccups in the last year that, in my opinion, shouldn’t have happened. I really thought I was on track. I went to my transition classes two years before my retirement date, I started my BDD process six months from retirement, I saved money for unforeseen expenses, and still, I came up short in a number of areas.

This blog will go through my separation process, all of the areas I think were important, the difficulties I had along the way, and hopefully some solutions that will help you out as you move toward separating.

I hope you find this information will help you make good decisions on your future separation/ retirement.

In my next post, I will begin a military separation/ retirement checklist. From there, future blog posts will cover items on this checklist. I”ll update this checklist as the blog develops and eventually I’ll provide the checklist on it’s own page on this web site.

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