PCS Your Pet Overseas Checklist

Transporting your pets to a new base, like most every other part of your PCS move, will take some forward thinking.  Here I have provided a quick checklist of things that need to be done and a timeline for doing them.  Every Service Member will most likely have a unique experience due to the number/ breeds of their pets and the location where they will be moving to and from.  If nothing else, this checklist is a good starting point.  The links provided here are to pertinent parts within this book that address these topics.

  1. Review Your Options – Military Aircraft/ Patriot Express availability, Commercial air that accepts pets to your location, Cruise Ship, Pet Shipping Companies
  2. Start Saving
  3. Research – Vet Screening, Quarantine, pet friendly temporary housing, crate size, breed bans, Summer Embargo for commercial airlines, Base pet restrictions, Customs Clearance requirements, microchip requirements, Visit receiving Veterinary Treatment Facilities Facebook Pages
  4. Get to Work – appointments, purchase crate and start crate training, check airline restrictions and available reservations, check for grant money to assist with costs, update pet ID tags and microchips, upload all important pet documents and current photo digitally so you have access
  5. See Your Vet – screening, vaccinations, stress advice
  6. Receive Orders – make reservations, contact sponsor
  7. Packing – medications, documents, comfort items, leash, baggies
  8. 15 days prior to travel – coordinate for additional pets on military aircraft
  9. 10 days prior to move – get final vet certification paperwork signed
  10. Moving Day – separate pet articles, help pets not to stress, hand carry medications and documents, pack food and toys in carry on,
  11. Temporary housing – reserve housing that accepts pets
  12. Coordinate transportation to the base/ temporary housing location/ pet boarding site on arrival at the airport

The rest of this blog will address these various issue. I will provide links for further information, my personal experiences, and other Service Member experiences. Feel free to write me if you have anything else to add.

The next post will list some real stories from DOD members about transporting their pets; their problems and how they ultimately solved them.

For more info on how to PCS Your Pets Overseas on commercial and military aircraft, check out my book PCS Your Pets Overseas, available on Amazon Kindle.

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