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This 50 page book is a guide for Service Members with pets who are planning to PCS overseas. Airlines are becoming more restrictive, fees are becoming more expensive, but there are options if you know where to look for them. This book will help you make a plan to get your pets to your new home and hopefully save you some money.

Traumatic Brain Injuries, the Military, and You: Self-assess for a TBI, get treatment on active duty and after you retire, and find the relief you deserve. by [Russell, R. S.]

This 50 page book reveals my experience from being diagnosed with a TBI and how I eventually got treated in a VA Poly-Trauma Hospital.  I wanted to share this information with other Service Members in the hope they can get the treatment they deserve.  Inside you’ll find the symptoms of mild TBIs, how to self-refer yourself, and how to apply to be treated at one of the VAs Poly-Trauma units while you are on active duty or after retirement.